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The trend in the US in NOT public or private education. Even those with enough money to pay for private schools have given up on institutions both nonprofit and for profit. The trend is charter schools and homeschooling groups. If you want your children to grow both mentaly and emotionally one must look at the statistics of public education.

Tax credits are given back to parents who do not send their children to public schools because public schools have failed the student.

I laugh when I hear that Sweden is democratic. If one has no right to educate one's children in a safe and emotionally receptive environment,,,it is as if one must send them to be brutalized.

I hated sending my children to Swedish schools.

The reason we chose to move to Sweden was because we thought Swedish schools were so much better. Everyone has heard about the schools in the US. Even at the worst inner school they would never be bullied as bad as they were in the "best" school in Vastmanland!

The secret is out! I am telling all. Sweden is not living up to the propaganda.

I am absolutely happy to not live in Sweden any longer. The standards are the lowest of ALL the countries I have been to, including Turkey and Brazil.

When curiosity is shunned, why would education be a topic.

Look only as far as the Finance Minister's education,,, she did not even go to university but is sent to the EU.

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VERY interesting!
Thank you.

(note: The finance minister in Sweden is a "he", Anders Borg. Who did you refer to?)

Nästan ingenting handlar om vad det handlar om!

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Sorry, I refer to

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Swedish standard of living is going down quickly and the people that are getting elected have no economic education. How could they possibly be made responsible for questions of how I educate my child. They themselves are not educated.

While the US papers mention Swedish health care, Swedish politicians are obliviously handing over peoples futures to corporations... These are the people making laws that do not hold up to even EU laws on, the parents rights to raise children the way they choose.

"Detta arbete avslutade hon när hon den 19 mars 2001 valdes till partiordförande i centerpartiet – den åttonde i ordningen. Hon har delvis argumenterat för en omläggning av den svenska modellen, vilket har fått vissa kritiker från vänsterkanten att beteckna henne som nyliberal.[1]"

"Maud Olofsson har kritiserats av journalister (bland andra Johan Zachrisson Winberg på Uppdrag granskning och Tomas Ramberg på Ekots lördagsintervju) för att inte alltid svara på de frågor som journalister ställer.[2][3][4]"

How can one answer questions, when one has NOT EVEN THOUGHT OF THE ANSWERS?